May 3, 2010

Spring color inspiration: Benjamin Moore in CB2

Walls are painted Blue Zircon by Pratt & Lambert. Credit: CB2

Now I don't know how y'all spend your Sunday afternoons, but one of my favorite activities is hanging in the Benjamin Moore aisle at Ace, quietly pilfering swatch cards.

When I get home, I glue the swatches to heavy cardstock and make notes on each card, like, "Great for kitchen cabinets," or "Nice beige 
— or too fleshy?" Then I file them away until the day when I, too, can paint my own space. (Am currently renting from paint-averse landlord.)

But aside from paint chips, one of my favorite resources for punchy, modern paint colors is CB2, whose catalog shows up in my mailbox a few times per annum, just like magic.

Walls are painted Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore. Credit: CB2

Let's start with white. CB2's hue of choice is Decorator's White, above, a bright, clean white favored by Ken Fulk, Leslie Klotz, Carleton Varney, Eldon Wong and many other designers

Yellow Finch by Benjamin Moore. Credit: CB2

Above, walls are painted Yellow Finch by Benjamin Moore. Close matches are Ace Hardware’s Woven Flax and Sherwin Williams’ Funky Yellow.

Wall is painted Gray by Benjamin Moore. Credit: CB2

The background wall above is painted Gray 2121-10 by Benjamin Moore. The bar? I'm betting it's Claret Rose

Walls are painted Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore. Credit: CB2

Above, Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore (close matches are Silver Charm and Silver Diamond, both by Behr).

CB2 didn't provide information about the green cabinet, A commenter kindly pointed out that the cabinet above is CB2's Hyde Green wall mounted cabinet, but it's no longer available. To achieve a similar look, try painting a cabinet Pear Green, Grape Green, Dill Pickle or Oregano, all by Benjamin Moore.

Walls are painted Golden Tan by Benjamin Moore.
Above, Golden Tan by Benjamin Moore. Sort of boring, but she certainly looks calm, doesn't she?



  1. these are all so amazing and inspiring! i see youre from miami?? awesome. im from coral springs, fl.
    love your style!

  2. The CB2 cabinets on pg 9 are actually two horizontally mounted "hyde green wall mounted cabinet".

  3. I just discovered your blog! Mniam...

  4. Love the teal wall in the study!! Gorgeous! Also a first time traveller to your blog, I'll definitely be back xx

    :) Hazel

  5. great collection of swipes once again.

    I don't understand how your landlords won't let you paint? I have painted every place I've ever rented from (10 or so over the years), no problem- even convinced them to buy the paint, as I was providing labour..


  6. I can totally relate to you, I am in love with Benjamin moore.... I swear when I was 10 years old, I had a quarter of the Paint names memorized. I love your idea of taking the paint swatches and writing notes for them. I also love the inspiration from these pictures. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

    P.S. I am renting too and I can't wait to have my own place, but I am lucky I still can paint the walls.